5 Commonly Made Schedule Busting Mistakes

Schedule Everyone wants their job to go as fast as possible. The main question you have for your  contractor, besides, “how much will this cost?” is “how long will this take?” Here are some things that you can keep in mind to make sure YOU aren’t the reason your job is dragging on…


  1. “I like this one, no THIS one! Wait, wait, THIS one…right?”

Now is not the time to flip-flop with decisions. The longer you spend deciding what you want, the longer it will take for you to get what you want. Many homeowners don’t realize that some items take weeks to arrive on a job. If you put off a certain decision thinking, “they aren’t installing the sliding door yet, so we have time to decide,” you are probably cutting into the time that your contractor has allotted for that door to be ordered and shipped. He ends up looking like the bad guy when your project is put on hold and then nobody’s happy. We know how important each aspect of your renovation is to you. We aren’t telling you to rush into any decisions, but it’s important to make them in a timely manner.

  1. “So it turns out I actually DON’T like white cabinets.”

This example may be a bit extreme, but it is not uncommon for a homeowner to want to change things after they have been installed. This is YOUR project and you should be happy, no, ecstatic, with the end result. If that means you want a wall repainted or a different fixture installed then by all means, speak up! However, realize that this will eat into your schedule and budget.

  1. “While you’re here, do you think you could…”

It is very important to work out all details of a project at the very beginning. This way, your contractor is able to build you into the schedule and make you the priority for the entirety of the renovation.  If you add additional items to the scope of work, you are going to be extending the length of your project.  Additionally, your contractor has likely already scheduled another job to begin once yours is over so additional work may result in your project being put on hold as he fulfills other obligations. We want you to feel appreciated and prioritized throughout your renovation, so please, don’t take on additional jobs! Make it clear upfront everything you would like to have done. If you decide you would like further renovations, we will treat it as a new job to ensure you are getting the best service for your money.

  1. “Demo looks pretty easy and fun!”

Doing some of the work yourself may sound like a great idea, but it can turn costly when mistakes are made that require the efforts of your contractor to fix.  That not only increases the cost of a job, but it tacks on more time to the schedule as well. In the long run, painting some walls or demolishing some cabinets yourself doesn’t save that much money and adds an unnecessary amount of stress to your plate.

  1. “My brother-in-law does electrical on the side.”

Hiring your family, or even your own sub-contractors, to do a portion of the work will slow down your job.  A big part of your GC’s job is scheduling his subs to all work together in a timely fashion so that there are as few hold ups as possible. When you take it upon yourself to hire your own subcontractors, they will most likely not fit into the proposed schedule, which tacks on time to your job as well as added stress on you. As scary as it can be, the best thing to do is to hand over your keys to a company you can trust, like C. Goodman Carpentry, and let them do what they do best.


Written by Melissa Goodman

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